Tuesday, July 30

4:30 pm - 5:05 pm

Cultivating a purpose driven company where employees feel connected and supported personally and professionally is integral to long-term success.

A highly engaged workforce can make the difference between just getting by and leading in your respective industry. This strategy helps to retain high performers, but the need for strong engagement goes beyond retention metrics; it is about the personal connection and passion individual employees have for where they work and how they work. Ally Financial’s Amy Justice Bouque will present an in-depth look at how Ally has developed a multi-pronged, award winning employee engagement strategy. The basis of this strategy is helping employees find meaning and purpose.

Ally’s strategy has contributed to some of the highest employee engagement survey scores in its history, earning 77 out of 100 points – 5 points higher than the Financial Services Industry benchmark. This strategy centers around the idea of purpose and “the care factor,” which means considering employees as people with personal and professional lives that are combined. Kathie will explain how she implements “the care factor” and how Ally has created a company where purpose drives employee engagement. Kathie’s approach includes encouraging conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion, using corporate giving as an altruistic motivator, offering benefits that fit the needs of the modern family and empowering employees through internal news channels.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to strive for a purpose-driven company where employees feel connected both personally and professionally, and how that drives engagement and ultimately retains high performers
  • A multi-faceted career mobility program helps employees own their careers, fosters meaning and contributes to an organizational growth mindset that pushes next-level ideas and execution
  • The success of Ally’s employee volunteer program and diversity and inclusion framework, including employee resource groups, and how creating strong programs such as these can translate to increased engagement and connectivity.\
  • How Ally’s employee news and social media content—including a digital newsletter deemed The BRIEFally, social media series #equALLYHuman, and conversation series “Let’s Talk About It”– promote understanding, camaraderie and support Ally’s underlying mission to create a 360-approach to employee engagement.

Amy Justice Bouque

Executive Director, Talent Management
Ally Financial Inc.

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