Monday, July 29

2:25 pm - 3:05 pm

An employee experience is made up of thousands of moments – large, small and seemingly insignificant.

In the past, these moments were often made of contractual obligations, punitive programs and monetary rewards. Today, employees are looking for something more – a sense of purpose, a flexible workplace and an employer that cares about them as individuals.

When they feel a sense of care, they’re more engaged, productive and loyal, leading to a better customer experience and therefore, better business results.

In this session hear how Ryan LLC evolved its employee experience from a “grind” to a coveted experience focused on employee well-being, growth and customer success.

During this session you will:

  • Hear new research on the science of care and how it positively impacts employee well-being, engagement, retention and loyalty
  • Learn from the successes and challenges of Ryan LLC as it has reinvented its employee experience over three decades
  • Unpack the business case for employee well-being, engagement and care, and how a CHRO can communicate their value to the C-suite
  • Get inspired to create a better environment for employees to learn, develop and thrive