Monday, July 29

2:25 pm - 3:05 pm

An employee experience is made up of thousands of moments – large, small and seemingly insignificant.

In the past, these moments were often made of contractual obligations, punitive programs and monetary rewards. Today, employees are looking for something more – a sense of purpose, a flexible workplace and an employer that cares about them as individuals.

When they feel a sense of care, they’re more engaged, productive and loyal, leading to a better customer experience and therefore, better business results.

In this session hear how Ryan LLC evolved its employee experience from a “grind” to a coveted experience focused on employee well-being, growth and customer success.

During this session you will:

  • Hear new research on the science of care and how it positively impacts employee well-being, engagement, retention and loyalty
  • Learn from the successes and challenges of Ryan LLC as it has reinvented its employee experience over three decades
  • Unpack the business case for employee well-being, engagement and care, and how a CHRO can communicate their value to the C-suite
  • Get inspired to create a better environment for employees to learn, develop and thrive

Laura Hamill

Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer

About Laura Hamill

Laura leads the People Team, nurturing the company’s award-winning culture of improvement while developing groundbreaking people practices and architecting employee engagement strategies for Limeade and its 100+ enterprise customers. Laura is also the founder and Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute, which conducts proprietary research, establishes market points of view and keeps a pulse on the latest employee well-being and engagement trends. Along with her team of Ph.D. organizational psychologists, business insights experts and data scientists, Laura works with Limeade customers to translate the Institute’s research into actionable strategies and hands-on workshops to strengthen and evolve their employee engagement strategies.

Tony Bridwell

SVP and Chief People Officer
Ryan LLC

About Tony Bridwell

With over 30 years of global leadership expertise, Tony Bridwell has dedicated his life to inspiring, motivating and empowering employees to realize their highest potential. He currently serves as Chief People Officer for RYAN LLC, a global leader in the tax services industry. His focus, as head of the global human resource practice, is on enhancing, communicating, and driving RYAN’S award-winning culture to support the firm’s strategic vision while also gaining greater competitive advantage by attracting developing, and retaining the most talented tax professionals in the industry.