Wednesday, July 31

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Join this PwC facilitated panel and interactive roundtable discussions with senior talent leaders from innovative organizations as they share how they have evolved their employee survey programs. Come learn how Hyatt Hotels and General Mills have successfully transitioned from simply measuring engagement to continuously measuring the employee experience. They’ll share how they’ve used results to drive leadership accountability in actioning and driving change.

Our session will include an initial panel discussion on how employee listening/experience measurement has evolved, followed by round table discussions that will facilitate your learning on how to:

  • Design an employee listening program that informs and generates insights about the employee experience
  • Shift from an annual employee survey to a more dynamic, integrated and consistent employee listening program across the life cycle
  • Align and use technology in an effective way to generate insights leading to action
  • Focus leadership on consistency vs. “big bang” approach to action planning
  • Provide managers insights into things they can influence on a daily basis – moving them beyond just reacting to survey data to focusing on activating team engagement every day

Kelly Hultz

Manager, Change & Culture
Hyatt Hotels

About Kelly Hultz

Kelly was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia. Hospitality was always a part of her family and childhood and it became a natural passion early on in life. She attended Penn State University where she achieved her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management to pursue a career with Hyatt Hotels upon graduation.

Kelly began her professional journey working in food and beverage operations in San Francisco. For 6 years, she learned not only the ins and outs of a hotel operation but, how to be a people leader and maximize the potential of her colleagues and teams. After many hours, nights, holidays, and weekends, she transitioned out of the field and into an operational training role at Hyatt’s corporate headquarters in Chicago.

For the last two years, Kelly’s role has been focused on organizational change and culture. A primary aspect of her work is leading Hyatt’s annual Colleague Experience Survey and has been able to leverage her hotel experience to best meet the needs for the business. The survey has yielded valuable insights that enable leaders to create a rewarding colleague experience that unlocks growth for our people and our business.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family/friends, traveling, cooking and cycling.

Steph Parent

Manager, Employee Experience & Engagement
General Mills, Inc.

About Steph Parent

Steph Parent is the Manager of Employee Engagement at General Mills, Inc.  In her role she is responsible for General Mills Global Culture and Engagement efforts.  She ensures employees feel frequently listened to – using insights to drive strategies, actions, and accountability across the globe.

Steph leverages a strong consumer research and learning heritage and has supported several beloved CPG brands such as Green Giant, Chex Cereal and Totino’s.