Monday, July 29

9:00 am - 9:45 am

The Information Age is dead and we have entered the Conversation Age.

The Conversation Age is about the rise of authenticity as a currency for organizations to connect and engage a modern workforce. It is a real and raw conversation about the next level advantages you can implement to grab the attention and inspire real connection with your teams. In this talk, built from his book, “The UGLY Advantage”, Peter uncovers the secrets to powerful engagement delivered through the impact of authenticity.

He shares how he used video to grow the connection between executives and employees. This video series saw 12 times the consumption of every other intranet posting. He also walks through the training hack that led to a 1-year growth of non-required training completion by over 1,200%. And lastly, experience the three keys to how everyone can become a master of conversational leadership.

Come learn from this TEDx speaker, former Fortune 500 executive and passionate storyteller in this impactful session.

In this session you will:

  • Experience how a leadership connection can reduce attrition and increase employee satisfaction
  • Learn how to leverage the UGLY advantage to immediately increase employee engagement
  • Discover how to increase employee net promotor scores by 50+ points using this training hack
  • Uncover how to create your own engagement distinction with actionable tools and strategies