Monday, July 29

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

While most organizations are leveraging employee engagement surveys, 80% of leaders don’t believe their programs are driving meaningful change, signaling that something is fundamentally wrong with our approach to employee feedback.

There is a great opportunity to shift away from the traditional focus on survey events and action plans and instead, adopt a scalable and sustainable approach to using employee feedback to fuel change.

In this workshop led by organizational development experts Justin Black and Archana Ramesh, you will learn how to design a measurement strategy that empowers managers to listen to feedback and do something with it.

During with workshop, you will:

  • Understand the importance of shifting the mindset on who owns employee engagement results and the simple signals you may be sending that confuse ownership and accountability
  • Learn how you can help managers understand where to focus and outline a simple action-taking process (hint: it’s not about a cumbersome action plan!)
  • Discover how your role as an HR professional transforms from administrative to strategic when managers are empowered

Justin Black

Senior Director of Organizational Development Science

About Justin Black

Justin Black is the Senior Director of Organizational Development Science at Glint. For more than a decade, Justin has been helping high-performing and innovative companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Southwest Airlines understand and take action on their people data. Prior to Glint, as an executive at Sirota Consulting, he advised senior leadership teams on employee engagement and led the firm’s Innovation function.

Justin is an expert in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, the science of working smarter. His areas of specialty include survey methodology, people analytics, team effectiveness, innovation, employee engagement, culture change, and organizational effectiveness.

Shubhang Dave

Senior People Science Consultant

About Shubhang Dave

Shubhang Dave is a Senior People Science Consultant at Glint. He has spent nearly a decade advising people and clinical executives on talent and engagement strategies, previously leading survey consulting and research teams at The Advisory Board Company. He has extensive experience facilitating c-suite dialogue on workforce and culture challenges and has been recognized as a speaker and business leader. Shubhang holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northwestern University, where he conducted research on decision-making at the Kellogg School of Management, as well as a master’s degree in health administration from Johns Hopkins University. He lives in Denver, where you can find him slowly making his way down a black diamond.